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by Kikkers
Feb 15, 2011
6:28 PM

Being evaluated

A different Convex Hull algorithm ( i found it here )
Ported from Java to C#

It replaces the ConvexHull3D.cs file.
The class has the same name and public members so it should compile without problems.

The simulation won't run faster, but it should allow the Polyhedron shape to be used with any mesh


by bugmenot2
Dec 6, 2010
11:36 PM

Being evaluated

This is a very simple patch that caches delegates for the appropriate classes instead of allocating them many times per frame, as is done in the latest version. This drastically reduces garbage generation in Holodeck mode 6 (what I tested it with), by more than 1 mbyte/sec. This does not have any perceivable change in framerate on Windows (with 8 gigs of memory), but it should have a significant effect in the compact framework (XBox and Phone), where garbage collection is much more expensive.

By the way, I'm Justin Olbrantz (Quantam) @


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