Jul 29, 2010 at 6:15 AM

Hey so I have been playing around with your demo for a while now and after finally understanding the pipeline, I tried to throw

a few of my old models that I used into the demo just to test out their collisions.

What happened was that the models loaded from maya 2011 exported as .fbx binary with a maya 2010 plugin had collision problems at random planes.

I then tried to import models from maya 2009 in both binary and ascii format, mostly because I noticed you exported your models in blender ascii.

This time it worked the collision where pretty much perfect except that no matter what I tried the default shape type was always set to mesh.

I also noticed that for your torus object, shape type does not change but other objects such as your small_cube do change type and actually adhere to the polyhedron shape type that was designated to them.

Anyway any help to this matter would be very useful because this engine looks much more promising than any other engine I have seen recently and I would really like to use this if I could just get the pipeline down.


Thank you,