Blender FBX export problem

Feb 12, 2013 at 8:05 AM
First off, I'm new here and Hello to everyone on the forum and i'm not sure if i'm posting on the right thread here but here's whats going on.

I made a model of a simple cube in blender and exported it to FBX, imported the model to VS2010 and set the Content Processor to "RigidBody Model Processor". So far so good, the object is rendered on screen but the Culling is messed up.

The model seems to only render the inner faces, but the physics engine is still using the outer faces to detect collision, when I go into blender and flip the normal direction, changing it's culling order, when put inside the game, the outer edges show but the collision is only detected on the inside of the object.

If any one requires the Model file, reply and I will upload the model including a video maybe of what is exactly happening.

Thank you for the help in advance :)